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Pastoral Confessions (2) – My Speech

April 9, 2010

The under-shepherd has been called at least in two ways.  Firstly, The internal calling unto salvation.  The union with Christ through His blood which has bought our soul back from the kingdom of darkness.  This radical translation!  Being called a Christian, a disciple and follower of Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter.  What a privilege it is to be joined to Him, to be called sons of God.

Secondly, The high calling to the ministry of the gospel, the weekly preaching of Christ and Him crucified.  Being the under-shepherd of God’s people, and all that it entails.  Who is sufficient for these things?!

And then, with all of these privileges and responsibilities, I find that so much of my speech, conversation, words, and the thoughts before it is articulated into words to be of base nature.  Too much light conversation and words that are, empty, idle, vain, light.  Statements are made that have not been prayed over, that have not been thought through, without salt, without light, not salted with the gospel, not peppered with the savour of Christ and charity.  Too many words are used for self, and men, rather than Christ and God and His eternal kingdom.

I am too quick to speak, and slow to listen, and yet expect the opposite of others.  Family and friends are too familiar with the jesting words, and funny and quick humours words, rather than edifying and Christ-filled words, which imparts wisdom, counsel, help, encouragement, turth, loving rebuke and hope.

The ears of my wife, children, other pastors and Christian people, have become used to my idle words, and words that can be only described as gossip.  That great respectable sin, which is so wretched and heinous, and soul-damning.

My prayers have been most dry, and repetitious.  The lack of dwelling upon the character of God, has meant that I do not glorify Him in the sermons by the variety of God’s attributes.  The congregation has become familiar only with certain handful of often repeated phrases, adverbs, verbs, adjectives – in describing the glorious Persons of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The glorious gospel of Christ, has been reduced to a few clichés and empty phrases, without the force and the power of the Spirit.  Such words and speech are not worthy of the Christian, even less the minister of Christ.

Lord forgive and cleanse my tongue and speech, which is the commentary of a needy sinner’s heart.

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