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Dabney on Political Compromise and Conservatives!

April 9, 2010

Some interesting insights from another generation. Robert L. Dabney being long buried in another country and context is yet speaking.  Much of what he says is very applicable to the current election rallies in the United Kingdom.

You can safely insert “Homosexual agenda” or “Same-sex Marriage” in place of “women’s rights” for the current British Conservative Party, and it will be true!

It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent, Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt bath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always, when about to enter a protest, very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance. The only practical purpose which it now subserves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy from having nothing to whip. No doubt, after a few years, when women’s suffrage shall have become an accomplished fact, conservatism will tacitly admit it into its creed, and thenceforward plume itself upon its wise firmness in opposing with similar weapons the extreme of baby suffrage; and when that too shall have been won, it will be heard declaring that the integrity of the American Constitution requires at least the refusal of suffrage to asses. There it will assume, with great dignity, its final position. – [Robert L. Dabney – Essay on Woman’s Rights.

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  1. eliécer guillén permalink
    December 7, 2011 8:17 pm

    So you stand in support from Dabney’s ideas?.
    How on his opinions on unhuman slavery and racism?¨:

  2. December 7, 2011 10:22 pm

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for caring to read and to reply to this post. I trust you were helped by the reading of it.

    Obviously we must know that we do not write off men of God – who believe in the fundamentals of the faith, and preach the gospel of free grace – because they have some fault or wrong views, which does not relate to salvation. By quoting someone, does not mean that I agree with all their theological position.

    For one thing Dabney was Presbyterian which means there are other matters that I cannot accept to be Scriptural – however what he said in this article I thought it was very helpful in this climate, which has proven to be the case in the political situation in the UK. On the matter of slavery (I have not read anything that was racist) even though I am totally against it, I believe that if you read Dabney’s original articles, it is not as bad as his opponents would want to make him out to be – but as I said I believe he was wrong on this.

    Thank you once again for your comments.

    Yours in Christ alone

  3. eliécer guillén permalink
    December 8, 2011 8:00 pm

    Dabney was abusing christian theology in order to denying vote’s right to women.
    In that time, women was overwhelming in support to abolition from slavery.
    Do you want this totalitarian terrorist idea to be imposed on British Conservatives?.
    Dabney was no only writing in support to racism and slavery, him was a criminal of war from confederate army, who was supporting this evil institutions, even after from military surrender from southern dictatorship. Because his family inheritance involved profits from slavery business.
    This pertains to salvation, somebody spousing this evil dogmas and deeds is obviously a false disciple from our Lord. By his rotten fruits you can know Him was only a wolve in sheep`s clothes.

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