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Government School Teachers Are the Agents of the State

February 25, 2010


As the British government becomes increasingly controlling of the public schools, it leaves very little room for creativity, or freedom by the local schools, the school governors or the teachers.  This very much affects the Christian teachers in the public schools who lovingly had tried to be a Christian witness and example in their classes.  However, now it is impossible to imply or instruct the children in issues of morality, for the State rules.  Only what is prescribed by the State in its ever-changing, and ever anti-Christian curriculum is to be taught or promoted, or the teachers face great penalties, even the loss of job.  RLDabney

This reminds me of a relevant statement of Robert Lewis Dabney, the great American Theologian of Union Seminary,

The State school teacher is her [i.e. the State’s] official and teaches by her authority. All school officials derive their authority from State laws, hence all their functions are as truly State actions as those of the sheriffs in hanging, or the judge in sentencing a murderer.

(On Secular Education, Robert L. Dabney)

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