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Are we likeminded? Spurgeon on Fellowship Among Evangelicals

July 21, 2008

Since was ordained to the Gospel Ministry, just a year ago, I have been told by many Christians about having fellowship with “likeminded” Evangelicals in our town, and county.  That, I need to attend the “Reformed” conferences in the UK, to “have fellowship with likeminded brethren.”  On this point, in my readings of Spurgeon, I came accross certain points, which I thought very wise and helpful.

Let us not pretend to a fellowship which we do not feel, nor hide convictions which are burning in our hearts. The times are perilous, and the responsibility of every individual believer is a burden which he must bear, or prove a traitor. . .Nothing has ever more largely promoted the union of the true than the break with the false.C.H.Spurgeon ‘OUR REPLY TO SUNDRY CRITICS AND ENQUIRERS’- Sept., 1887 – The Sword & the Trowel

I would always be very tender of the honor of the Christian body to which I belong, but I would rather see its honor stained, than that the glory of the entire church should be dimmed. Now I trust we are ready to say of our denomination, Let its name perish if Christ’s name shall get ought of glory. — C.H.Spurgeon from the Sermon entitled, ‘War!War!War!’

What are we going to use to justify ourselves brethren?

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